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Appalachian Kitchens
(partial listing as flavors and seasons change)

Apple Cider Mulled & Moscato Wine Jam
Apricot Whtie Zinfandel Wine Jam
Blackberries & Pinot Noir Wine Jam
Blueberries & Merlot Wine Jam
Blueberry Habanero Beer Jam
Mission Figs & Shiraz Wine Jam
Mangoes, Ginger Chardonnay Wine Jam
Peaches & Muscadine Wine Jam
Pear & Sauvignon Blanc Wine Jam
Pepper Green Sweet and Pinot Grigio
Pepper Red Hot and
Habanero Beer Jam
Plums & Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Jam
Raspberries & Muscadine Wine Jam
Strawberries & Muscadine Wine Jam
Post Office Box 2285
Blairsville GA  30514

Tel:  706.745.8660
Winner of:
Flavor of Georgia Contest Winner - Jam & Sauce Category
Best of Show - Jam Category - Atlanta America's Mart Gourmet Show  
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