Wedding Favors - Send us the fabric from your bridesmaids
dresses, and we'll decorate the jars as favors for your guests.

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to place your custom order.


Family Reunion & Corporate Gifts - Give a One of A Kind
Hand Painted Wine Cask with 3 Jams - $ 24.95

Red Wine Trio features these flavors of Jams
Blackberry Pinot Noir
Blueberry Merlot
Mission Fig Shiraz

White Wine Trio features these flavors of Jams
Pears Sauvignon Blanc
Mango Chardonnay
Peach Muscadine

Southern Muscadine Trio features these flavors of Jams
made with the flavor infused wines of Chateau Elan Winery
Strawberry Muscadine
Peach Muscadine
Raspberry Muscadine
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