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Blairsville GA  30514

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Featured Selections

  Continental US
Destinations Only
Hand Painted Cask
with Selection of
Red Wine Jams
$  39.95 incl S/H
Blackberry Pinot Noir
Blueberry Merlot
Mission Fig Shiraz
Cherry Sangria
Hand Painted Cask
with Selection of
White Wine Jams
$  39.95 inclh S/H
Pears Sauvignon Blanc
Mango Chardonnay
Peach Muscadine
Apricot White Zinfandel
Hand Painted Cask
with Selection of
Southern Muscadine
Wine Jams
$  39.95 incl S/H
Strawberry Muscadine
Peach Muscadine
Raspberry Muscadine
Peach Cobbler Moonshine
Hand Painted Cask
with Selection of
Gourmet Products
from North Georgia
$ 39.95 incl S/H
Vineyard's choice of 1 Jam
Logan Turnpike Mill
Biscuit Mix
Local Honey
Jam of the Month
Receive 2 jars of
Vineyard Selection
Jams Every 2
months, 6 months
out of the year
$  90.00 incl S/H
The Vineyard Gourmet will
hand select and mail two of
their specialty jams, every
other month, so you can enjoy
all year long.
(Continental US
destinations only)
All jams $ 9.00 each incl S/H
Shipment to Continental US Destinations Only)
Apple Cider Spiced Moscato Wine Jam
Apricot White Zinfandel Wine Jam
Blackberry Pinot Noir Wine Jam
Blueberry Habanero Beer Jam
Blueberry Merlot Wine Jam
Cherry Sangria Wine Jam
Fig Shiraz Wine Jam
Mango Chardonnay Wine Jam
Peach Muscadine Wine Jam
Peach Cobbler Moonshine Jam
Pear Sauvignon Blanc Wine Jam
Pepper (Hot) Habanero Beer Jelly
Pepper (Hot) Pinot Grigio Wine Jelly
Plum Cabernet Wine Jam
Raspberry Muscadine Wine Jam
Strawberry Muscadine Wine Jam
Choose your flavors in the Message to the Jammaker
Once you choose how many jars of jam you would like,
name the flavors in the Jammaker comment block.

Manufacturer/Shipper reserves the right to
substitute a similar item in the event an ordered item
is temporarily out of stock.